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Online Chair Reservations

Our new online site is now available for hotels that want to offer our beach chair or pool reservation service to their customers.

Vacationers can finally book their beach or pool chair, 24 hours in advance depending on availability without having to go and put their beach towel early in the morning.

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Localization and attractions

and standards

Finally, it meets the demand of travelers and offers a new simple and cost-effective online solution for players in the all-inclusive travel industry.

Reservation System

With guest booking confirmation, they are guaranteed to have a beach or pool chair in the selected row by presenting it before 11:00 am.

Beach chairs

Reserving comfortable lounge chair or daybed is the most convenient and relaxing wayfor guests to enjoy their beach time – for an experience that is both free from care and beyond expectations.

Beach Umbrella

Each umbrella set comes with two chaise lounges and one umbrella. Once reserved online, Guest is guaranteed an umbrella set for their specified dates.

swimming pool Chair

The guests spend more time enjoying the sunshine instead of fooling with the hassle of lugging down your their pool chairs. The flexibility of having our poolside concierge turn your chair towards or away from the sun.

Prices range

from $2 to $10 per day

We organize your spaces so your guests are treated to a unique experience.
The availability of the chairs is automated in rows according to the quantities you provide to us beforehand. The customer is notified when there are no more chairs available!

Average Per Day Reservation chair Rates:

Item Daily rate
Chairs with beach umbrella or palapa $3 each
Chairs without beach umbrella or palapa $2.50 each
Chairs without palapa in row 3 and row 4 $2 each
Beach bed $10 each
Pool bed $10 each

Note: All prices included TVA.
All chairs outside the rows are free!


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By means of the form, you can answer questions, solicit information, send suggestions and criticism for us to improve our services and always meet your needs.